Learn Urhobo is our way of keeping
the Urhobo language using technology.
Urhobo Ovuovo!

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About Us


We started this platform out of a passion and pride for Nigerian culture and history of which languages play a pivotal role.

Often mainstream media tends to portray only the negative facets of Nigeria, whilst we are not perfect (like every other nation), we have a lot to be proud of.

Did you Know?


Learning and speaking your local language is a great way to reconnect with your culture and understand your history and share our pride for our culture.


Our diverse and delicious cuisine, languages, art and people are just some of our many assets.


We worked with local skilled experts to create all the lessons and quiz on all our platforms.

Our Apps

Quiz App


An easy and fun way to test your knowledge of Urhobo.

Learn Urhobo App


An easy way to learn Urhobo from your mobile phone.


This is a most laudable Project and I highly commend those who have brought it about. It is helpful for many of us who are based overseas and our children. Please keep up the good work.


Love it! Great way to learn Urhobo – my parents tried to teach me for years and now that I have children I understand how important it is to know and speak your mother tongue. Tara

My kids love this app. Well thought out and put together. Awesome experience. Kudos to the learnurhobo team for this wonderful idea. Urhobo ovuovo!


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